Month: July 2009

object: ceramic statistics

I am exhausted – lots on right now. I found this a few days ago and still haven’t had a chance to really understand it. The designer Mathieu Lehanneur is having a show of his ceramics at Issey Miyake in Paris. Each vessel represent the population of a country…forget graphs or any kind of powerpoint. This is humanity writ in clay. Via Yatzer. Advertisements

architecture: and art

Just back from the Getty Centre. The parents enjoyed it. I made up a treasure hunt for the kid with ice cream sandwiches as the treasure at the end (they had to find a bunch of paintings and sculptures)…so they loved it. I love being in those spaces. Meier got the scale of that place absolutely right. And they’ve got a good museum store. I do enjoy a museum store. The kid’s got to choose a poster each (see the choices below…can you guess which one my 3 year old daughter chose and which went to my 7 year old son?) Image above of stairs at the Getty from here.

furniture: mad men, t-rex and harvey schwartz

I am a huge fan of Mad Men I know the show is wonderfully written, well acted, beautiuflly shot and all that. But what about the sets? I really like the 50s/60s aesthetic. And now the guy behind the pros – Harvey Schwartz of 20th Century Props – is closing his doors and auctioning off all his amazing pieces. Fancy a dinosaur? He’s got it. A couple of art deco lamp shades? They are suspended above the t-rex. The auction will be held at Great American Group in North Hollywood. There’s so much stuff they’ve added another day to the auction – it will run from today until August 1. See a shot from Schwartz’s website below…he’s propped so many movies and television shows.