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designer: parke wilson meek dies

I’ve often walked by Jadis – an antique/toy/vintage store on Mains Street in Santa Monica and wondered about the owner. Well now I know. The man’s name was Parke Wilson Meek and he recently died. He was a designer who worked with Ray and Charles Eames. Demetrios Eames weighs in on the man … “I have known Parke all my life, so it is terribly hard to imagine the world without him—without knowing he is there to reminisce with, get an engagingly/irascibly direct comment from, or just to walk through his worlds of treasures. He told me he loved his time at the Eames Office because every day he came in, there was always some new project or task at hand: “you never knew what you were going to do,” he said. And he always had that spirit of fun. People sometimes called him a curmudgeon, and you can almost see why, but he was always—even to the end—having way too much fun in life for that ever to be even close to the right …

store: opening

I’m a big fan of Room & Board – they’ve got a strong furniture collection including some of my favourite Eames pieces. Their own designs are made locally out of environmentally friendly materials, and they aren’t horribly expensive. Tomorrow their new store opens in Culver City – a very short drive from my house. Lovely.

furniture: sale

Modernica is having their huge annual sale tomorrow. We bought quite a few pieces from them – including a Case Study couch that has weathered two children beautifully. We always missed the sale but tomorrow I will be there! For all of you who aren’t in Los Angeles this year the sale also happens online– it starts at 7am tomorrow morning. The planters below are on sale…we do need a planter, or two.