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Rilakkuma Event in Culver City

A few years ago Brian bought back one of these bears from Tokyo for our daughter. It’s been a prized possession ever since. This weekend teaforest cafe (8686 Washington Blvd in Culver City) is holding a¬†Rilakkuma event complete with a life-sized bear, gift bags for the first 50 guests and lots of merchandise for sale. Plus a photo booth (I do love a photo booth!) It runs from 2 – 5.30 pm. We’ll see you there!  

object: jug

I keep buying jugs and none of them are quite right. I have this dream that I can fill a jug with water and put it on the table and never have to fill it again – for a whole dinner party. Never ever happens. Do I need a bigger jug? I think this woodgrain one is wonderful…$58 from Terrain. Maybe I need two…

art: all over the city

A cool project from the MAK for Art and Architecture. 27 billboards all over Los Angeles featuring art instead of advertising. I can’t find pics of the billboards but there is a map pointing out where they are! It launches Feb 17. The art work above is by Kori Newkirk. Photograph by Gerard Smulevich. Smulevich . Artwork by Kori Newkirk Commissioned by the MAK Center Photograph by Gerard Smulevich

object: branch

OK Рso I admit to watching Lost while I blog. I have no idea at all what is going on but a season premier of a once-loved show is too good to  miss. How cool is this bedroom? I love the branch. Found it on A Desert Fete (via The Brick House).