Month: October 2009

Down home: a green office

Architect Jeremy Levine added a home office to the recent green renovation of his southern Californian home. We love the warmth of the room with its timber ceiling and the fact that he recycled scraps from the main house to fit out his studio. Levine’s work has been featured in Dwell and Angeleno magazine but check him out on Flickr for some great candid shots of his work including his own office (above) and the room he built around a tree (below). We like those tall thin book towers to the left of his desk. You can get something similar at West Elm for $179. His desk chair is Herman Miller’s classic Aeron. And the chunky wooden stools peeking out in the foreground on the left are designed by Levine from timber left over from the renovation.

Inspire me: board talk

There’s something mesmerizing about other people’s bulletin boards. The good ones are a great window into a creative mind (the bad ones are just messy!) There is definitely a certain voyeuristic pleasure we all get from looking at what inspires others. But, there are also some boards that function as works of art – particularly beautiful collections of images and objects. The board above is in the home of a young Dutch couple who are expecting a baby. He is a librarian and she is studying. They clearly have strong design tendencies. Via Dos Family blog. Below is a board from designer, writer and editor Joy (whose blog Oh Joy! is well worth a look). She made the board herself using cork tiles. We’d love to see your inspiration boards…we’ll be posting them regularly so feel free to send them in!

Rohde work: furniture sale

Before Charles and Ray Eames there was Gilbert Rohde. He’s not a household name, but we think you’ll really like his work. Rohde, who died in 1944, was an industrial designer and a key player in laying the groundwork for American Modernism. He was also an advisor to Herman Miller’s president DJ De Pree (see our Timeline for more). What defined his work? A lovely organic line and a fascination with new materials. This month Rago, a New Jersey-based auction house, is holding a spectacular sale of modern furniture. It’s a strong collection and holds rare pieces of Rohde’s work including a very cool wall mirror framed in mahogany (above) and one of his rare time pieces (below). For more on Rodhe check out Cooper Hewitt’s three part piece on the designer. And go to Herman Miller’s other blog – Discover – to read about Phyllis Ross’ recent book on the designer.  Want more? There is an excellent collection of Rohde’s work here.

house: tours

Every now and then I come across a blog I am completely impressed with – Dos Family is just that. As far as I can tell it’s made up of three friends. They live in Sweden and shoot other people’s homes. I love the clean aesthetic. Lots and lots of inspiring interiors.

spy: desk work

I love seeing people’s workspaces…and having worked on magazines and newspapers I was surrounded for years by other people’s private little worlds. Inside Out magazine has posted a bunch of their staff’s desks. A rather brave move and I do think there was a lot of tidying up! But it’s still fun to see what inspires the staff of one of my favorite magazines.