Month: January 2010

blog: brick house

I am loving The Brick House right now…I actually went to my local Goodwill on Friday I was so inspired. I didn’t find anything. But I will keep looking. Anyway. Check out The Brick House. Morgan is funny and smart. A very nice combination. I’ve also got an interview with her tomorrow on Lifework. Advertisements

object: leather and felt

My friend Rachael sent me a link to hard graft this morning – they are ‘purveyors of handmade lifestyle accessories’. During a wine-fuelled discussion about whether the NYT’s should be charging for their online content (me: no, Rachael: yes…how else do we pay for good journalism? Unfortunately as a self-employed journo I don’t have the answer) Rachael mentioned this cool online store where you can get covetable clothes for your technology. The felt sleeve above is for a Kindle … and that was a a whole other conversation.

flickr: white house photo stream

I am completely addicted to the White House flickr stream. This is an image from the President’s trip to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. I hope you all saw the State of the Union speech tonight (the transcript is up on the The State of the Union Library site if you missed it. Who new there was such a site?) Looks like all my WPA blogging had an impact…

art: louise bourgeois

I love this. I had a Louise Bourgeois print once. Somehow my ex-husband ended up with it…and when I asked for it back he said he had sold it. I still wonder if that was true. This poster from MOCA for $14.95 doesn’t quite replace the original but it’s lovely all the same. She has such a great face – see the pic below by Annie Leibovitz and bottom by Robert Mapplethorpe. .