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Art: Lily Kelly Napangardi

We bought one of Napangardi’s paintings 8 years ago. A rain of tiny white dots on a jet black matt background. I loved it then and it is still one of my favorite pieces. She paints the sand hills around Mt Liebig in the Northern Territory, their ebb and flow, the effects of rain and wind on the landscape. I bought it through Artery who don’t represent her anymore – I think her work is too expensive now. But Artery still has amazing painters – not the big names but up and coming artists who are affordable. They also have an excellent online gallery and ship to the States. Great if you are looking for graphic large scale work



Color Inspiration: Our Bedroom

Pink and gray. Think I figured out how to get pink into the bedroom. I was buying paint this morning. Semi-gloss, White Dove for the interior doors. And a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray for the outside of the house. We’re testing it on  a big section to see how it looks. Still not sure about the darkness of that gray. Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2015 catalog was lying on the counter and with nothing better to do while I waited for the paint to be mixed I took a look. Color trends are serious bullshit. Who in their right mind chooses green for the kitchen because Benjamin Moore says its cool? But what they did do was pull together a very pretty catalog. The living room in gray and pink caught my eye. Perfect for our bedroom. Now I just have to find someone to do those pink curtains.

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Tour: Inès de la Fressange’s Office at Roger Vivier

Pink. I’m still trying to figure out how to fold it into the house. I had a Kate Spade duvet cover in pale pink and burnt orange that my husband eventually revealed he hated. He referred to the pink as salmon. Not the shade I saw. But that’s life. So how to do it so we both love it. Inès de la Fressange’s office at Roger Vivier is a symphony in pink. Glorious.This room purrs. Maybe the trick is the walls. Paint them just the right shade and use black and white to anchor it. 10_20_08_Ines_Fressange18393 10_20_08_Ines_Fressange18383 10_20_08_Ines_Fressange18399 00 article-2510490-18FA1CC400000578-290_636x440

Tour: Architect Chris Cole’s Sydney House

Maybe I just don’t know the American architectural landscape as well as I do the Australian, but it seems to me that the work I see coming out of that country is beyond extraordinary. Thoughtful, intelligent, modern in a way I don’t see in the States very often. Take Chris Cole’s work. He’d be relegated to the edges as a ‘green’ architect here. But in Sydney his work gleams at the heart of a vibrant design community I really miss. I love this addition he did for a family home in Sydney. I’ve included his take on the house below – but I think the photos tell the whole story beautifully

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“The design brief for the Dulwich Hill Residence called for the addition of an open kitchen, outdoor living space, dining, bathroom and laundry to an existing semi-detached period home for a young family with four children under four years old including triplets. A bold conceptual approach has been taken to accentuate the bathroom and laundry as a feature to the rear of the home. Large sliding doors disappear seamlessly into the egg-shaped bathroom and laundry pod, allowing the internal living space to extend outdoors. Concealed retractable flyscreens have been designed to completely screen the kitchen and dining space when the glazed sliding doors are opened. When both sliding doors and retractable flyscreens are completely opened there is no visual sign of any doors and the sense of being in a covered outdoor living room is achieved. An extension of the kitchen bench leads to a BBQ area with spotted gum decking and built in seating connecting the living space to the garden and playing area. The existing pressed tin ceiling was salvaged and restored in the new kitchen and dining spaces providing a sense of connection and unified palette between the existing period details and the contemporary additions. The project embraces the idea that everyday tasks such as washing clothes need not be hidden away in a dark room and that the expression of these functions in a new typology can provide exciting opportunities for the creation of seamless indoor outdoor living space.”