My first job was managing editor of the rather academic Political Science Quarterly in New York. I had graduated from Barnard College at Columbia with a BA in American history. PSQ was my first and only interview. I worked there for 3 years before changing tack dramatically and taking a freelance job as a researcher on Martha Stewart Living and then George magazine. In 1996 I found myself back in Australia and after a very short stint as a researcher at Channel 9 I landed a job as a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald. I wrote and edited across the various sections of the paper covering everything from food to television until I became editor of Domain – the architecture, design and real estate section. I worked on that weekly section for 3 years. It was then that I really became immersed in design and architecture. I got to publish 50 houses a year and some of the best design the city had to offer. I was instrumental in starting Sydney Design Week and was twice a judge for the NSW architecture awards. In 2002 our son Jack came along. I took a year off, wrote a book about house keeping for Penguin and returned to my job as editor of Domain. After a few months I moved across to the(sydney)magazine as deputy editor. I worked on that lovely glossy for two years until our daughter Lucinda arrived in 2005. When Lulu was 3 months old the whole family moved to Los Angeles for my husband’s work. I picked up various writing jobs – travel stories, pieces on architecture and design for Australian publications. Two years later we returned to Sydney and I landed my dream job – editor of Belle magazine. I had grown up reading this design/interiors/architecture magazine. I loved it. And now here I was working with a great team as editor of my favourite publication. In February 2009 we moved back to Los Angeles. I’ve left my dream job to pursue other dreams.  I miss Belle but now I have the chance to pour all that energy into this blog and my freelance work. I hope you enjoy!




  1. Busy Girl says

    Hi – I really like your taste in showcasing the cute, quirky and stylish everyday. Your site have been a reference point for me to look at the wonderful design and architecture that happens worldwide. Thanks !!!

  2. robert says

    You really should include a contact link somewhere in your blog so I can ask my question in a not so public way…..

    I’m a photographer in San Diego and working on a personal project called “people and spaces” where I’m photographing people in their homes/work spaces/rooms/spaces in an editorial, Dwell magazine looking style. I’ve had a hard time coordinating this. I’ve written a lot of architects, interior designers, etc, but it is extremely difficult to get very far with getting into a home to shoot. Was wondering if you might be able to point me to any homes/firepits/spaces/treehomes that might have owners willing to open their doors to a photographer.

    Can you please contact me so I can send you a link to my work and discuss further? thanks much. Like your blog quite a bit!

    • I’m glad you like the blog ‘quite a bit’. I am travelling for the next days but will get back to you when I return to LA next week.

  3. Hi there
    Thankyou for including us.
    Glad to see you are enjoying LA
    warm regards

    • Yep – loving LA and I’m happy to cover your stuff … I just need a little prompt to know when there is new stuff! Who have you got coming up?

  4. Michael says

    hey cerentha. your blog is very interesting. how can i contact you regarding content? i may have an interesting topic for you.

    love to hear from you.


  5. Love the diversity of art&design and architecture on your blog. Inspirational. lovely. and then there were the posts that made me smile and smirk.

  6. Dear people from thisisadesignblog,

    We came across your blog and were wondering whether you would be interested in receiving links to our latest productions. Interviews with prominent designers like Pieke Bergmans, El ultimo Grito, Shoji Ito (muji) etc.

    Hope to hear from you and that you find it interesting!

    Congratulations on your web!
    Kind regards,
    The Studio Banana TV team,

    c/ Plátano 14 – 28029 Madrid – Spain

    Studio Banana TV is an internet-based TV station focused on multidisciplinary creativity. It contains video clips, interviews, documentaries, etc. It covers a wide range of fields from advertising and architecture to video-clips and fashion design. Studio Banana TV is edited by a team of young and active editors specialized in each of the fields. Each edited section is supported by input from collaborators from all over the world.

  7. tammi says

    I am doing some casting for two new tv shows for hgtv and we are looking for homeowners in L.A. Is there any way of getting a notice up through your blog?

    Let me know.

  8. Lucinda says

    Hi Cerentha, I’ve just discovered you/your blog/our mutual interests. And now, after reading this, I discover you have a daughter who is my namesake. Snap!
    I’m an Aussie and the other day I found your Penguin housekeeping book in the library. I borrowed it and have just started reading it. I’m really enjoying it. Hence why I’m here having Googled you. I’m a mum of two boys and have a keen interest in good housekeeping (although my house wouldn’t always testify to it!)so I was keen to find out a bit more about you. I’ve just been over to the Herman Miller site also. Good stuff and I look forward now to including your blogs in my regular web digest. Cheers, Lucinda

    • Dear Terry!
      So lovely to hear from you. We’ll be in LA for a while yet…but planning to return at Christmas for a few weeks. Would love to catch up.

  9. Hi Cerentha
    Came across your post on Herman Miller and your name was familiar so I googled and came across this! It’s great! I work at acp and have started my own blog/side project (todayinstyle.wordpress.com) would love to follow in your footsteps. Will see what 2011 brings. Happy xmas!

  10. Hi, my name is Joanna and I am a casting assistant for Season 7 of Design Star, HGTV’s top-rated reality competition series. An open casting call for the show has been scheduled in Los Angeles.

    Who: Passionate, charismatic individuals who are extremely creative and have major design abilities. (Interior designers, architects, contractors, artists and other design experts)

    When: Saturday, August 27th from 10AM to 2PM

    Where: Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel – 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

    How: For more info and to apply online visit: http://castingdesignstar.com

    There will also be an open casting call in Las Vegas on Sunday, August 21st, from 10 am – 2 pm. It will be held at the Westin Casuarina at 160 East Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV, 89109,

    Any help in spreading the word about our search would be greatly appreciated. For more information on the casting call please visit our website at castingdesignstar.com

    Thanks so much!

    Joanna Zwickel

    Casting Associate



  11. Hello there,

    First of all, great Blog! Thanks for that! Always very inspiring. And second, I have a project you might like to put on your Blog. It’s not Design nor furniture but you might like it.

    Edi Inderbitzin

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