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house: architectural gems

Hometta is taking the prefab model and giving it a tweak. I met one of the designers at the Dwell conference last week and was impressed with what they had to offer. They’ve taken really interesting designs from mostly American architects and made them readily available. The idea is you buy the design and then you hire local contractors to build it. Hometta is there to guide you and they can customise the building but the hard design work has been completed. They have only just launched but I really hope they do well. Below is an image of a Hometta plan by the LA based Borden Partnership. Above is the Seed’Em House by Mike Jacobs Architecture. Advertisements

house: dwell house tour/s

House tours. There was the eastside on Saturday and the westside on Sunday. You’ll have to go to flickr to see all my pics but Hidden House in Glassel Park was a favourite. The house is set on 7 acres and designed by Standard’s Jeff Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle. It’s looks good in the photos but it’s an amazing space to be in. Not just the vistas so thoughtfully framed but the way the interior spaces flow into each other and into the outdoor areas. It feels good. More will have to come later. I had no idea just how much would be involved in having two kids on summer holidays. Not much room for blogging…

event: fitzsu at dwell

I noticed that Fitz from Fitzsu – one of my favourite LA design retailers will be particiapting in the Dwell conference. He and another great local retailer –  Andy Griffith and Rose Apodaca of  A+R will be on a panel to discuss all things design. New in store at Fitzsu is Singgih S. Kartono’s cool wooden radio with a music port for an mp3 player…

event: dwell on shulman

I’m really looking forward to Dwell on Design’s Los Angeles conference (June 26-28). A highlight will be Eric Bricker’s  Visual Acoustics. It’s a documentary on the 98-year-old photographer Julius Schulman. Alissa Walker has interviewed Bricker and it sounds like the film is a really interesting insight to this iconic photographer’s work. Nice review of the film here. More on the conference over the next few days…(Above: director Eric Bricker, Shulman, producer Babette Zilch).