Month: June 2009

house: dwell house tour/s

House tours. There was the eastside on Saturday and the westside on Sunday. You’ll have to go to flickr to see all my pics but Hidden House in Glassel Park was a favourite. The house is set on 7 acres and designed by Standard’s Jeff Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle. It’s looks good in the photos but it’s an amazing space to be in. Not just the vistas so thoughtfully framed but the way the interior spaces flow into each other and into the outdoor areas. It feels good. More will have to come later. I had no idea just how much would be involved in having two kids on summer holidays. Not much room for blogging… Advertisements

art: new work

Just a very quick non-Dwell post. I was looking at aboriginal art work for my friend Sal and came across Rex Winston Walford on Artery’s website. Artery is an Australian gallery with an excellent online presence. I really like Walford’s work (above).

garden: wooly pockets

Everywhere you turned there seemed to be fuzzy-looking plant holders at Dwell on Design. Turns out one company was behind the lot – Wooly Pockets. Not a particularly sexy name but the product is great. You can line a wall, create a meadow, a raised vege patch or a tiny micro garden. According to the website the pockets are made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out their blog for lots of ideas.

furniture: ford & ching

I loved the aesthetic of Ford & Ching…I had no idea who they were. Turns out Ford is William Ford (son of Harrison) and Ching is Andrea Ching ( ex- Arkitektura InSitu, Design Within Reach, and LIMN Contract). Their new website is coming soon. I wish I had a better shot of their stand. I’ll definitely have more on them in coming posts. Those planters were really cool.

furniture: gus

I came across Gus yesterday at Dwell on Design. I was really impressed with their aesthetic. The Canadian design group produces beautifully finished pieces with a familiar mid-century modern feel. I liked their new ottoman made from coffee bags (below)…although they sat oddly with the rest of the designs the concept was interesting. The Gus product pictured here was part of the Hold It stand. Hold It is a San Diego based design store…well worth checking out.

Dwell on Design

I’ve spent the last 2 days immersed in Dwell’s world of design – first at the convention centre in downtown Los Angeles and today on the east side of the city on one of the house tours (tomorrow is the westside). There’s so much more…the Shulman documentary is screening tonight for example. Plus numerous talks. So much! I wanted to share a few of the highlights from the past few days. First Ligne Roset. They showed Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s ‘Clouds’ which was launched in January at Maison et Objet. Their booth area was definitely the most dramatic at the event. The Cloud rose up in a great gust of blue and cream (above and below).

exhibition: dwell on design

I’m at the Dwell on Design conference and exhibition all day tomorrow and most of the weekend. I will report back on Monday with a tonne of news. (Pictured clockwise above: Norwich Drive Residence, West Hollywood  by Clive Wilkinson Architects. Clouds by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne Roset. Pottery by Heath Ceramics. Vertical Garden by Woolly Pocket Garden Company).

object: light art

24 year old designer Daniel Rybakken is obsessed with light. Maybe it’s  a Norwegian thing, long winters and all. But the results are stunning. Check out ‘dayight comes sideways’ (above) and his polished aluminium ‘mirror‘ below. His work is stunning.