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object: ceramic statistics

I am exhausted – lots on right now. I found this a few days ago and still haven’t had a chance to really understand it. The designer Mathieu Lehanneur is having a show of his ceramics at Issey Miyake in Paris. Each vessel represent the population of a country…forget graphs or any kind of powerpoint. This is humanity writ in clay. Via Yatzer.

object: new lamp

I spent a leisurely morning trawling through Target in Culver City today. I found great thick sailcloth curtains to keep the sun off my parents (poor things will be very jetlagged when they arrive next week) and I also got a new lamp (above) for the living room, which is rather dark. The base is timber (I got it for $19 on sale) and made from some kind of pale wood. The shade is linen and was $25. They also had a very cool black shade lined in gold but it was the wrong shape – I wanted barrel not cone. I also found a cool new light bulb from GE (below). It looks like a classic bulb shape but has the CFL coil hidden inside. For more on the bulb go here.

object: must have?

I have absolutely no use AT ALL for a birdcage but I do like this one. Maybe it’s the shiny finish. I’m a sucker for all things glittery. Not that the attraction translates into anything in my home…although it could. Perhaps it should. My 3 year old would love it.

object: green tiles

Clever tile idea from Maruja Fuentes. Fuentes is a professor at the University of Puerto Rico. Check out her site…there are lots of cool designs. Unfortunately the tiles are only at prototype stage. Very nice idea, I hope they get picked up.

object: rhino

Forget about the deer head…so passe. The rhino is much cooler. They are produced by Cardboard Safari – who also do deer in case you really need one. CS is a collaboration between Charlottesville- based designers Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez.