Month: August 2009

house: wine anyone?

I love that this place was inspired by wine…inexpensive, mass marketed, but very good wine. Entrepreneur Roger Scommegna believes if you can mass market great wine you should be able to do the same thing with great design. Architects¬†Vetter Denk do too. The result is the Aperture House. Read more on Dwell.

house: for sale…

My husband keeps sending me links to cool houses for sale in Los Angeles. He knows I want to buy a house…I’m sick of renting! But according to Brian these houses are for the blog…so thoughtful. The first is a Schindler in Woodland Hills (above) ¬†and the other is a Neutra in Pacific Palisades (below).

house: tour W

I love W magazine. It’s big and lush and naughty and unapologetically devoted to the flimsy world of fashion. They also do great ‘house tours’. Check out this one – it’s the NYC apartment of Sotheby’s Tobias Meyer. I like the use of plywood with all that high end furniture and art.

art: studio ghibli

Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animators that created Spirited Away have just released Ponyo. I took the kids to see it this week. What a beautiful film. I can’t find the images I want to post – there are extraordinary underwater sequences. The drawing is exceptional. It reminded me of Japanese woodcuts in the style of Hokusai (his Great Wave below). Plus the story is sweet enough for a 4 year old and exciting enough to keep a slightly jaded seven year old entranced.