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meeting: friends

The Bureau of Friends is ‘devoted to the appreciation of beauty, the pursuit of quality and authenticity, and how best to attain those things without killing the planet.’ Sounds good doesn’t it? Above is a pic posted on the NYT’s blog The Moment from a recent BoF event. When I first looked at the pic I thought the bits of cloth were place mats – they are for guests to sew. Lovely.

object: back to school

I’ve joined a green committee at my son’s elementary school and we’re putting together info for new parents…my favourite part? Researching lunchboxes. I’m obsessed with the things. We want to promote weaste-free lunches – no more ziplock bags! I wish Jack was a bit more adventurous. He chose a stock standard black cube from Acme (below)…it is made from recycled plastic bottles but it’s boring. BuiltNY produces some cool designs – I bought myself the Tortuga with the hope Jack might like it when he sees me using it (above). The Milkdot (bottom) is also cool…can’t imagine he’d do pink. There’s also the bento…so many choices.

object: pack it up

I’m doing research for the new green committe at my son’s school. We want to promote zero-waste lunches. In Sydney my cousin’s kids call them nude lunches. Love it. Not sure I can sell that here in Los Angeles. But I have found some rather stylish lunch bags. Built NY was, of course, my first stop. There neoprene lunch sacks are great (Fugu pictured above). I also like Ecobags recycled cotton bags – very simple and easy to clean. Love this Planet also has a good lunch ‘box’. Now I have to figure out drink bottles.