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a small small world

It’s a tiny world – truly it is. I interviewed a woman yesterday – Dee Adams – for the Herman Miller blog and it turns out she worked with my husband at Yahoo in Australia. She now lives in a very cool loft in Oakland. Dee also knows my dear friend Sal. And she often comes to LA…we will definitely be catching up for a drink. See Dee’s work here. And her loft here.

shop: new online gallery

OK – I know I’m doing a lot on art right now. My husband and I give each other art for Christmas so I’m doing a bit of research. Although we’ve got 3 things that need to be framed right now so maybe we’ll hold off. I still like doing the research though. Check out this new online gallery – a supermarket for art lovers! They focus on prints – hence the name Print Society. I like Robert Hanson’s work above. And the work of Rochefort below.

gift guide? nah

I had grand  plans to do a gift guide – it’s that time of year and all but I’m just not organised enough to pull a whole list together. So I will post bits and bobs and tag them all ‘gift’ so you can search and make it yourself! I love these little books on the arctic by Jackie Peppermint (is that her real name?) They’re $12 and this is the 2nd edition.

book: the days

I found this blog a few years ago – two women, good friends, who live 3191 miles apart and post photos every day of their lives. It’s really beautiful – a visually stunning blog that is somehow very quiet and peaceful. Two books have now been published of their morning and evening photos and they are as lovely as the blog.