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architecture: koko

I always like wading through an architect’s projects on their website. It’s a very particular, highly edited look at their work – the work they want you to see, the way they want you to see it. Koko has lots of good stuff but this loft with it’s lovey light especially caught my eye. Advertisements

object: new lamp

I spent a leisurely morning trawling through Target in Culver City today. I found great thick sailcloth curtains to keep the sun off my parents (poor things will be very jetlagged when they arrive next week) and I also got a new lamp (above) for the living room, which is rather dark. The base is timber (I got it for $19 on sale) and made from some kind of pale wood. The shade is linen and was $25. They also had a very cool black shade lined in gold but it was the wrong shape – I wanted barrel not cone. I also found a cool new light bulb from GE (below). It looks like a classic bulb shape but has the CFL coil hidden inside. For more on the bulb go here.

object: light art

24 year old designer Daniel Rybakken is obsessed with light. Maybe it’s  a Norwegian thing, long winters and all. But the results are stunning. Check out ‘dayight comes sideways’ (above) and his polished aluminium ‘mirror‘ below. His work is stunning.

icff: john pomp

I’d read about John Pomp – a  Brooklyn-based glass designer – so I was eager to see his work and it didn’t disappoint. His new Infinity chandelier with its smoky two glass is very sexy. As is the work he did for the Royalton (above).

travel: ny ny ny ny

Off to New York today for ICFF. Got a million little things to do this morning so this post will be super brief. I wanted to cover this lovely idea from Tokyo-based design firm  Living World – it’s called Wind-Lit and they are solar powered lights that respond to wind.