Month: May 2009

milan: still in the news

Better late than never. The New York Times finally jumps on the Milanese bandwagon. It was worth the wait. They corralled one of my most favourite photographers- Todd Selby to document 12 designers who are under 40 and made a splash at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. Numbers always frame a story beautifully, don’t you think? We had covered a few of the designers in Belle – Sayaka Yamamoto and Boaz Cohen, BCXSY and Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay, Raw-Edges. But there were faces I hadn’t seen before. It’s always interesting to connect a person to their design. I like Maarten De Ceulaer’s  (above) stack of leather suitcases much more  now that I’ve seen what he looks like. He’s a 25-year-old graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven. I saw the makeshift wardrobe at ICFF and was taken by its sculptural quality and its fine detailing. But seeing the designer and how young he is makes it even more impressive. Also one I will keep an eye on is Philippe Malouin. Ingenious shelving – it’s the …

house: sharon fraser does it again

I’ve long admired Australian architect Sharon Fraser. I published her first renovation in Domain years and years ago. Now she’s done a new house in Federal – the lush green countryside behind Byron Bay. It’s an extraordinary house – not particularly Australian. Although there is that ubiquitous inside/outside quality. This building feels more international to me. Have a look at it in full on Fraser’s webiste…or Yatzer (where I found it). It’s also in InsideOut this month. The photographs are by the wonderful Richard Powers. We published many of Powers’ shoots in Belle.     

object: paper work

My fascination with paper continues…I just found the coolest site (via boing boing). Canon has created a whole series of paper crafts. You print them out and then build them (and use a ton of ink in the process I’m sure). The architecture series covers everything from the Sydney Opera House to Sagrada Familia (above). They’ve also got a beautiful insect series (below). 

house: edible architecture

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr (below) call themselves jelly mongers. They create cool stuff, including architectural models, out of…jelly. Nice. I love their Alcoholic Architecture (pic below). They created a walk-in cloud of breathable alcohol. Visitors put on protective coats and stepped into a mist of vaporised gin and tonic. Hilarious and weird.

house: cool for sale

I got a huge response to the Ben Rose house that is for sale (seems you like a little celebrity). So I thought I’d let you know of a few other cool homes that have hit the market. Above is the Xeros house by Blank Spaces. It’s owned by the architect and is on offer for over $1.2m. According to the website he’s willing to chat about the house to serious buyers. But if you are looking for something a little softer around the edges architect E. Stewart Williams’ home for Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs is still on the market for $3.25m (below).

event: fitzsu at dwell

I noticed that Fitz from Fitzsu – one of my favourite LA design retailers will be particiapting in the Dwell conference. He and another great local retailer –  Andy Griffith and Rose Apodaca of  A+R will be on a panel to discuss all things design. New in store at Fitzsu is Singgih S. Kartono’s cool wooden radio with a music port for an mp3 player…

art: emma walker

Emma Walker, an artist based in beautiful Byron Bay, is one of my oldest friends. I hadn’t seen her new work and just had a good look through her website – which covers these 2009 paintings. It is well worth checking out. She is represented by Tim Olsen in Sydney and Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Above is the painting Blue Tarp and below is Oasis.

art: cut it out

My friend Emma Walker sent me a link to Ntizain – a very cool blog based in Greece. They’d just posted on the incredible work of artist Kako Ueda…think Tord Boontje but much much darker. Ueda slices paper into fine pieces of art and will be part of a group show called  Slash at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York in October. 

object: eat up

I got an email this morning from Sara Ferarri (how great is that name!?) I met her at ICFF. She and Marcella Fiori collaborated on Dining Agenda – an ingenious book of placemats with its own spoon and fork stamped into the wooden cover.