Month: December 2009

Happy New Year

I’m going offline (yes!) for a few days … will be back next week with lots of fresh  new stuff. In the meantime, if you are in need of a design fix,  here are some of my favorite places to visit. Happy New Year! Remodelista, Designwatcher, The Foodinista, The Selby, Grain Edit, 3191 Miles Apart and Froken O. And lastly a bit of a weird one – check out how happy you are with the Happiness Index. I’m a 57…hmmm. Doesn’t seem too good. Lucky 2010 is such a nice clean fresh start. Nothing like a new decade to turn things around. Advertisements

object: magazine holder

I’m trying to get more organised. We rearranged the office and it feels a lot nicer. I still need to work out what to do with files and maybe this collator is the answer? It’s a magazine rack but would work well with manilla folders. And it’s on sale at DWR for $98.


I’m signing off ’til Monday. A Christmas break. Today will be spent cooking with the kids. We’ll be making sugar cookies (the recipe I use is from the Joy of Baking. Also check out my  from my friend Clemence’s amazing library of deliciousness) and pavlova (to take to a friend’s tonight). This afternoon we’ll be at church. And tonight the kids will lay out their stockings and leave the sugar cookies, along with a beer, for Santa. If you are in need of a sweet fix that’s doesn’t include butter and sugar have a look at The Wishing Machine.  I sent some last minute Christmas e-cards (above) this morning and made a wish – it’s lovely. Have a great break and I’ll see you back here on Monday…

object: calendar

More time tracking – this time it’s the very cool Field Notes calendars. I don’t need to really say anything about how perfectly great they are – just check them out and you’ll know exactly what I mean (and they are $14.95). I found these via a new blog (new to me) called which I came across via The Foodinista. I know we’re all very busy but both these blogs are well worth your time…

interior: my brother

Sam Harris. My brother, my younger brother, is an amazingly skilled joiner (check out his work at Square Peg Woodworks). I am always blown away by Sam’s work and a recent project he did with Sydney architect Virginia Kerridge is no exception. It was a complete renovation of a house but it’s the library that I fell in love with. Amazing work…