Month: November 2009

art: maira kalman

My aunt Kit  lives in the beautiful city of Munich and sends me lots of funny emails (she’s a writer and comedy is one of her strengths – she has a number). She is a very funny woman but I have to admit I don’t always open the links she send through. Sorry Kit! But I am so glad I opened this one. Maira Kalman is an absolute revelation. I love her work, I love her blog for the New York Times and I would love to sit down to dinner with her. Look at her work here. Advertisements

find: a tasty treat in vancouver

Just back from a few days in Vancouver and we found a great place for kids and coffee – yes, the two can go together beautifully. Little Nest is a cafe in east Vancouver that serves great food, strong coffee and caters – in a super-stylish way – to children as well as adults. I just wish there was something similar in LA. It reminds me of a classic Sydney cafe – think bills but a bit messier.

object: cards

I need to get holiday cards printed to send to family and friends. I usually do it myself – either just print up a photo or use iphoto (they’ve got a good card option that’s pretty cool). But now I’m torn because I’ve found a great letterpress designer on etsy who can do it pretty cheaply (example of her work above).

gift guide? nah

I had grand  plans to do a gift guide – it’s that time of year and all but I’m just not organised enough to pull a whole list together. So I will post bits and bobs and tag them all ‘gift’ so you can search and make it yourself! I love these little books on the arctic by Jackie Peppermint (is that her real name?) They’re $12 and this is the 2nd edition.

object: rugway

Alex Perry’s new rug design for Australian company Designer Rugs. He’s better know for his fashion label but I think these rugs are pretty cool…as are the black walls. I can’t wait til we aren’t renting anymore so I can try a black-walled room!

book: the days

I found this blog a few years ago – two women, good friends, who live 3191 miles apart and post photos every day of their lives. It’s really beautiful – a visually stunning blog that is somehow very quiet and peaceful. Two books have now been published of their morning and evening photos and they are as lovely as the blog.

object: marcel wanders

They did a shoot with Marcel Wanders at Belle right before I started as editor. It was one of my favorite stories – the man just photographs beautifully (see above) as does his product. He’s just released his range for Target and I am heading to Culver City at some point this weekend to get those bowls…and maybe some candles. Check out his very cool online magazine that traces the development of the range.