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house: wine anyone?

I love that this place was inspired by wine…inexpensive, mass marketed, but very good wine. Entrepreneur Roger Scommegna believes if you can mass market great wine you should be able to do the same thing with great design. Architects¬†Vetter Denk do too. The result is the Aperture House. Read more on Dwell.

art: rebecca niederlander

I got an email from LA-based artist Rebecca Niederlander asking if she could use one of my images on her site. I’m so glad she emailed me. I saw her wire sculpture suspended in the kitchen of a home on one of the Dwell house tours and fell in love with it. I kept meaning to write about her…and now I’ve been reminded. Her work – mostly in wire – is very beautiful. Here are just a few pieces…she’s well worth watching.

interior: bedding

I am always looking at duvet covers but can never commit to anything other than white. My big duvet breakthrough involved pale gray cotton that looks white in most lights. So I was thrilled to find Terrible name, but great spot to shop for everything to do with the bed. They’ve done all the legwork for you by rounding up everyone from Designers Guild (above)¬†and Area (below) to Marimekko and Dwell. Well worth a look.

interior: heath

I met Eric Gaietto from Heath Ceramics at the Dwell conference. Lovely guy (they also had excellent cookies at their stand). I was drawn to the new range of matt and gloss tiles they’ve just launched. They are called Dual Glaze and come in a wider range of colours than you see here. It’s hard to get a real feel for them from the pics. They are really tactile and lustrous. Beautiful. Now we just have to buy a house so I can do the bathroom in emerald green dual glaze tiles. Images courtesy of Heath Ceramics.

house: architectural gems

Hometta is taking the prefab model and giving it a tweak. I met one of the designers at the Dwell conference last week and was impressed with what they had to offer. They’ve taken really interesting designs from mostly American architects and made them readily available. The idea is you buy the design and then you hire local contractors to build it. Hometta is there to guide you and they can customise the building but the hard design work has been completed. They have only just launched but I really hope they do well. Below is an image of a Hometta plan by the LA based Borden Partnership. Above is the Seed’Em House by Mike Jacobs Architecture.

house: dwell house tour/s

House tours. There was the eastside on Saturday and the westside on Sunday. You’ll have to go to flickr to see all my pics but Hidden House in Glassel Park was a favourite. The house is set on 7 acres and designed by Standard’s Jeff Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle. It’s looks good in the photos but it’s an amazing space to be in. Not just the vistas so thoughtfully framed but the way the interior spaces flow into each other and into the outdoor areas. It feels good. More will have to come later. I had no idea just how much would be involved in having two kids on summer holidays. Not much room for blogging…

garden: wooly pockets

Everywhere you turned there seemed to be fuzzy-looking plant holders at Dwell on Design. Turns out one company was behind the lot – Wooly Pockets. Not a particularly sexy name but the product is great. You can line a wall, create a meadow, a raised vege patch or a tiny micro garden. According to the website the pockets are made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out their blog for lots of ideas.

furniture: ford & ching

I loved the aesthetic of Ford & Ching…I had no idea who they were. Turns out Ford is William Ford (son of Harrison) and Ching is Andrea Ching ( ex- Arkitektura InSitu, Design Within Reach, and LIMN Contract). Their new website is coming soon. I wish I had a better shot of their stand. I’ll definitely have more on them in coming posts. Those planters were really cool.