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house: indulge

All these clean-lined timber and concrete spaces can get a little earnest at times. Here’s a place to indulge all your senses. I absolutely love it! This is the Marquess of Bute’s home, Mount Stuart, in Scotland.  I’d love to see Ruth Asawa’s sculptures in here…Via W.

house: contained

Last year I interviewed the Campana brothers for Belle. We talked a lot about Brazil and their lives there. They were planning on building a summer house/weekender using shipping containers. I loved the idea but haven’t found anything about it since. I did come across IC – a Californian company that makes structures from recycled shipping containers. It’s not a new idea but they’ve finessed it nicely. 

house: history for sale

I just finished Loving Frank – what an amazing read. Journalist Nancy Horan manages to get inside not just Frank Lloyd Wright’s head but also Mamah Borthwick – the woman he loved. I wont give away too much –  just  be prepared for a major twist at the end. I was reading the book as Wright’s beautiful Ennis house in Los Angeles came onto the market. I had driven past this masterpiece inspired by Mayan architecture a few years ago and it was in need of a lot of love. The FLW Foundation has spent millions restoring it and it is now on the market for around $15 million. It’s one of those amazing opportunities – like the sale of the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs. Just wish I had a lazy $15 mill floating around!