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furniture: sale

Modernica is having their huge annual sale tomorrow. We bought quite a few pieces from them – including a Case Study couch that has weathered two children beautifully. We always missed the sale but tomorrow I will be there! For all of you who aren’t in Los Angeles this year the sale also happens online– it starts at 7am tomorrow morning. The planters below are on sale…we do need a planter, or two.

icff-lindsey adelman

I’ve already given you a sneak peak of Lindsey Adelman’s lovely work but I couldn’t resist including more. There were an awful lot of glass globe pendants around. I’ll post more soon. But these ones from LA’s studio are particularly fine. Plus her booth at ICFF was just gorgeous. She’s used gold stickers to form a tree branch over the walls of an otherwise white booth. Very stylish. Unforunately the light is bad so you will have to forgive my photography. That’s Lindsey on the left in the black shirt. You can check here new site here.

new: icff

Here’s a tiny taste of New York design week. I’ve spent the last few days walking, walking, walking and looking. And talking. There’s some beautiful work out there. I’m going to break it down roughly by country – which is how the fair was set up. I’ll start with the British and globe trot until I get back to the US. I think some of the most interesting work for me came from local US designers. I’ve seen most of the big guns and they’d already launched their new ranges in Milan. It was the smaller guys that were interesting here…  British design collective Deadgood is a perfect example (pic of their stand above). Think Established & Sons when they first started out (minus the cash!) and you’ll get an idea of what they do. Designers Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook are developing a British design brand. It includes quirky, beautifully crafted pieces like the Love Collection (below) – the heart emblem carried through from buttons on the back of an armchair to the timber …