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architecture: iwan baan

Baan isn’t an architect, this isn’t his library in Tokyo. The 34 year old is a photographer, an architectural photographer to be specific. Through his lens, as through Shulman’s, we are given a taste of contemporary architecture in all it’s streamlined finery. I love these shots of the Tama University Library is designed by Toyo Ito.

book: the days

I found this blog a few years ago – two women, good friends, who live 3191 miles apart and post photos every day of their lives. It’s really beautiful – a visually stunning blog that is somehow very quiet and peaceful. Two¬†books have now been published of their morning and evening photos and they are as lovely as the blog.

house: tours

Every now and then I come across a blog I am completely impressed with – Dos Family is just that. As far as I can tell it’s made up of three friends. They live in Sweden and shoot other people’s homes. I love the clean aesthetic. Lots and lots of inspiring interiors.