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object: ceramic statistics


I am exhausted – lots on right now. I found this a few days ago and still haven’t had a chance to really understand it. The designer Mathieu Lehanneur is having a show of his ceramics at Issey Miyake in Paris. Each vessel represent the population of a country…forget graphs or any kind of powerpoint. This is humanity writ in clay. Via Yatzer.




  1. kit says

    I think the shapes have to do with wealth distributionin relationship to population in each country. Germany, France and Canada, for example, have a comparably hefty/strong middle-income area. The majority of the population in Mexico, Iran and Egypt are poor, hence the bulk at the bottom. Is this right?

    • Nick says

      I think it’s a bit more simple than that. This looks like a simple age distribution graph. Each disc represents an age bracket. The size of the disc represents the population within that age bracket, and as you ascend the piece, older age brackets are represented.

      At the bottom of the piece is, say, 0-2 years old, the top of a piece is 98-100 years old. The more people in that country in that age bracket, the larger the circumference.

      Japan, for instance, seems to have a robust older population, compared to Mexico or Egypt, where the majority of the population is in the younger generations.

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