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Color Inspiration: Our Bedroom

Pink and gray. Think I figured out how to get pink into the bedroom. I was buying paint this morning. Semi-gloss, White Dove for the interior doors. And a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray for the outside of the house. We’re testing it on  a big section to see how it looks. Still not sure about the darkness of that gray. Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2015 catalog was lying on the counter and with nothing better to do while I waited for the paint to be mixed I took a look. Color trends are serious bullshit. Who in their right mind chooses green for the kitchen because Benjamin Moore says its cool? But what they did do was pull together a very pretty catalog. The living room in gray and pink caught my eye. Perfect for our bedroom. Now I just have to find someone to do those pink curtains.

H_412CHE_LivingRoom_0681aw6E_412CHE_Dining_0468ht3J_412CHE_WombChair_0695aw9  B_412CHE_Mantel_0168ht2  A_412CHE_MantelDetail_0048_7awD_412CHE_Kitchen_03556aw412_CHE_bath_31453aw

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  1. looks like salmon to me. There is a pink often seen in better quality mens shirts that you would like .I
    Hunting pink or somesuch.

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