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house: dwell house tour/s


House tours. There was the eastside on Saturday and the westside on Sunday. You’ll have to go to flickr to see all my pics but Hidden House in Glassel Park was a favourite. The house is set on 7 acres and designed by Standard’s Jeff Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle. It’s looks good in the photos but it’s an amazing space to be in. Not just the vistas so thoughtfully framed but the way the interior spaces flow into each other and into the outdoor areas. It feels good.

More will have to come later. I had no idea just how much would be involved in having two kids on summer holidays. Not much room for blogging…





  1. rebecca says

    HI. You captured the feel of the room quite well. Would you be okay with the image of the green wire sculpture being displayed at http://www.becster.org — the website for Rebecca Niederlander, the artist who made the sculpture featured in the image?

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